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"...having kept an unprecedented simplicity, 1992Pro claims to be one of the dominant professional design tools worldwide."



Our software package, "1992Pro for Windows", contains programs for designing kitchen and closet furniture in 2D and 3D and create reports for orders, offers, customers and factory for the designs made with it. You can easily add cabinet, sizes, shapes and styles.
The major difference and biggest Online futures trading platform in the Philippines advantage from the rest of the programs that do the same job is that whereas the result is the same, the whole procedure is completely different (video 0MB with the step by step creation of a job). Below we describe a few major differences:

Designing with "1992Pro for Windows" you have the ability to work on the floor plan and on the prospective view at the same time (simultaneously). You are able to drag objects in real time in both of the above which, by opinion of our customers, is an advantage that makes them dramatically improve their work because they can finish a project in cooperation with the client within a few minutes.
All the models are REALISTIC (photos of real doors). Besides this, the point is that you can import your own models (by simply scanning your doors and materials for example), because the models in "1992Pro for Windows" are not BUILT IN, like in the other programs, but you can freely import your bmps and make your own models out of them and combining with already existing ones.
It's also possible to combine objects from different models and change just certain surfaces of each object.
We can design your own table, accessories, levels and complex objects by using the parameter CUSTOM.
There is real - time animation (3D)
The ability to insert comments in the perspective.
Ability of having the layout of the Electric and Hydraulic Installation.

Some other advantages are:

You can work with one PC but with two monitors and in that way your desktop is doubled.
You can add shadows, reflections and other special effects.
You can see all these as a result, visiting our 3d design gallery.
Also, in attachment there are some perspectives which are the result of using our software without any intervention or data and image processing of other applications.
The basic function of the package "1992Pro for Windows" is the production of perspectives. This job begins with the construction of the floor-plan. The designer enters walls, corners, bulkheads, windows and doors. This job is automated and doesn't need a lot of time. Then he chooses the objects from the libraries and he places them into the floor-plan. The objects are grouped into categories -main and secondaries- in such an intelligent way that the designer won't have to face the possibility to get lost during a long search. From the moment that the designer will complete the floor-plan, he can take as many perspectives as he wants, defining even the corner of the observation, the height of the observer, the sources of light. He can change the bitmap with the photorealistic doors throughout the perspective in a few seconds, choosing the photographs which he desires.
The productivity and the flexibility of the program makes it irreplaceable. A good designer can design 4-6 kitchens during one working hour and a constructor with thousands of objects can request from the company to create his own library within 2-3 months maximum or even make his own library. The resultfulness of the system is direct since it takes only a few hours to learn it and the depreciation is very fast.


Operation through Windows 95,98.NT.
Quick and easy design of the floor-plan.
Three-dimensional linear depiction of the design, with a facility in colour selection.
Three-dimensional photorealistic deciption of the design, with the ability to choose a model.
Analysis of the cost, for every designed kitchen, with simultaneous printing of the estimate cost.
Printing of the floor-plan by choosing the scale.
Printing of voucher for orders and offers.


Open architecture.
Adjustment to the demands of the user.
Cooperation with all the picture processing programs (Corel Draw, PhotoShop, Kai'sPhotosoap and many others).
Ability to design in perspective depiction and influence between floor-plan and perspective in one or more screens at the same time.
Ability to add numerous photorealistic models (doors, counter tops, tiles, appliances etc.) from photographs.
Ability to design and add new standardization and cost.
Complete presentation of the kitchen, with a lot of model promotion at the same time.
A lot of potentials important for the right design, presentation and selling of the kitchen.
3D - Animation (real time).
Layout of the Electric and Hydraulic Installation.
The ability to enter comments in the perspective.
A tool that gives you the ability to create your own standarizations, your own shapes in a 3D enviornment (visual), in only a few minutes. Now only your imagination could limit you!